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As a social media law firm with over 10 years of experience, we offer comprehensive social media services, including expert advice and customised social media terms and policies. We were one of the pioneers in social media law and have continued to stay ahead of the curve, providing clients with the latest and most effective solutions to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of social media law.

Social Media Advice

In a world where social media and your online presence is key, managing the legal risks of your social media channels is extremely important. Therefore, it is crucial that you partner with a legal firm that understands:

  • social media
  • your social media strategies
  • the important role that social media plays in your marketing strategy
  • the laws that apply to social media
How we can assist you:

We can assist you by:

  • preparing specialist advice on the proposed use of social media;
  • working with TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to ensure the prompt removal of damaging, offensive or inaccurate material from social media pages;
  • preparing special clauses relating to social media for use in various contracts, including employment agreements;
  • review and preparing terms and conditions for online competitions and promotions

Social Media Terms

Business-customer relations have changed in the face of social media. If your business uses social media tools to enhance your marketing and advertising strategies, then you must manage a person’s expectations in respect to their engagement, via your social media pages.

Court decisions have found businesses to be liable for content displayed on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, including content posted by third parties.

A Social Media Terms document assists to manage legal risks and liabilities associated with social media pages. It also sets out terms and conditions upon which a person must observe and comply with when:

  • posting content on your social media pages;
  • engaging in discussions on your social media pages;
  • interacting with others on your social media pages; and
  • if applicable, purchasing goods or services via your social media pages.

We prepare our Social Media Terms to limit legal risk associated with third party use of the social media pages relating to your business.

Facebook Terms

A Facebook Terms document is similar to the Social Media Terms document, only it’s displayed via a link on your Facebook page.

 It sets out the conditions upon which a person is entitled to access, use and interact via your Facebook page.

A Facebook Terms document is used to disclaim and/or limit any liability, which may arise through a person’s use of your Facebook page.

Social Media Policies

Use of social media can be addictive, time consuming and sometimes, a drain on employer resources. Therefore, valuable business resources are possibly being wasted by ungoverned use of social media by your employees.

To manage your employee’s use of social media in your workplace, we recommend that you implement a Social Media Policy. An effective Social Media Policy will:

  • reduce the risk of damage to the reputation or brand of a business
  • reduce the risk of wasted resources due to an employee’s excessive use of social media
  • increase the productivity of employees
  • be very useful in the event of managing the performance or termination of an employee

We draft our Social Media Policies to reflect your specific views on employee and contractor use of social media in the workplace. Book a free consult today to start the discussion on how we can assist you.

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