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How do I Commercialise my Trade Mark?

Commercialising a trade mark can generate substantial revenue for a trade mark owner, particularly if the trade mark is registered. The two main ways to commercialise a trade mark are via a licensing arrangement and by assignment.

Licensing a trade mark

Licensing a trade mark to a third party means that the trade mark owner is consenting to a third party (licensee) using their trade mark. A licensee’s use of a trade mark is usually documented and governed by a licensing agreement between the trade mark owner and the party to be licensed to use the trade mark.

A licensing agreement will set out the terms upon which a licensee may use a trade mark. It typically includes terms that address:

  • the length of time that a licensee may use the trade mark for (e.g. five years);
  • whether or not the licence is exclusive or non-exclusive;
  • how the trade mark may, or may not, be used (e.g. in relation to t-shirts and sunglasses only);
  • the territory in which the trade mark may be used (e.g. Queensland or Australia);
  • the payments that a licensee must make to the trade mark owner for using the trade mark (this may be a fixed annual amount, a royalty or a combination of these); and
  • how either party may terminate the licensing arrangement.

Assigning a trade mark

Since a trade mark is classified as being personal property, it may be assigned from one party to another. This means that a trade mark may be gifted or sold. In these circumstances, the trade mark owner would completely relinquish their rights in relation to the trade mark. Put simply, assigning a trade mark means that you are transferring ownership of it.

A trade mark assignment must be in writing and should be recorded on the Trade Marks Register. This is so that proof of ownership of the trade mark is clear and a matter of public record.

Regardless of how a trade mark is commercialised, it’s important to first apply to register it, as a trade mark. This is because the asset to be commercialised (the trade mark) will become more secure and valuable, once it becomes registered.

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