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Trade Marks and Personal Branding

Trade Marks and Personal Branding

While many businesses recognise trade marks as brand names or logos, their true potential goes far beyond that. They can capture the essence of a person’s fame, celebrity status, and unique personal attributes, transforming them into powerful commercial assets.

For instance, Pod Legal recently had the privilege of working with an Australian music icon. This wasn’t just about protecting a brand; it was about safeguarding key elements of a new wine brand intimately connected with their personal image. The outcome? A valuable suite of registered trade marks encompassing the brand name, logo, signature, and a unique motif.

The Value of Registered Trade Marks

The value of registered trade marks lies in their ability to protect one’s image. In a world where personal branding plays a pivotal role in business, ensuring others don’t cash in on a celebrity image or any unique personal attribute is paramount. After all, your personal brand has equity, and registered trade marks act as a shield, preserving this equity from potential infringements.

Celebrities, Influencers and Business Leaders Should Prioritise Trade Marks

The personal brand intertwined with the business can be a major differentiating factor in the marketplace. Protecting this brand ensures you maintain a competitive edge, uphold the reputation of the business, and prevent others from exploiting the brand equity you’ve worked hard to build.

Secure Your Personal Brand Trade Mark with Pod Legal

At Pod Legal, with our 15 years of expertise in intellectual property and trade marks, we understand the intricacies of personal branding in business. Looking for trade mark advice? Contact Pod Legal, the trade mark experts, and take advantage of a 20-minute free phone consultation. Reach out to us now!