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The Pitfalls of Self Filed Trade Mark Applications

The Pitfalls of Self-Filed Trade Mark Application

It’s a common misconception that “trade marking is easy”. And while submitting an Australian trade mark application might seem straightforward, ensuring its accuracy and enforceability is a different ball game altogether.

Businesses often file trade mark applications in the wrong classes. A classic example would be an online sports store opting for the class that covers third party branded sporting goods instead of the class associated with the retail of sporting goods. This might seem like a small oversight, but the implications can be huge, especially when it comes to legal enforcement.

The sad reality is that many self-filing trade mark owners only realise the worthlessness of their registered trade mark when it’s too late. The bottom line? A properly prepared trade mark application is essential to ensure robust legal protection for your brand.

Complimentary Trade Mark Application Review

Are you uncertain about the validity of your self-filed trade mark application? At Pod Legal, we recognise the complexities of the process and are here to assist.

If you’ve self-filed a trade mark application and are unsure about its robustness, let us help. We’re offering a complimentary review of self-filed trade mark applications. Ensure your brand has the protection it deserves. Contact Pod Legal today for your free self-filed trade mark review.