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Unlocking the Benefits of a Free Trade Mark Search: A Guide for Australian Business and Brand Owners

As a business owner in Australia, it’s important to make sure that your brand stands out from the competition. One important way to do this is by securing registered trade marks for key brand names, logos and tag lines. Trade marks are a key component of your intellectual property, allowing you to legally protect your brand name, logo, and other unique elements of your business.

Did you know that only a registered trade mark provides you with legal ownership rights and that a business name, company name or domain name does not?

Why You Need a Free Trade Mark Search

Before you begin the process of registering your trade mark, it is crucial to conduct a thorough search of the Australian trade marks database to ensure that your desired trade mark is available. A free trade mark search can help you to determine if someone else has already registered a similar mark. It can also save you the cost of applying to register a trade mark when it may have little prospect of success.

Importantly, only more comprehensive searches that extend to all corners of the Internet can determine whether or not your use of a term (for example, a brand or product name) will infringe upon third party intellectual property rights. This is a paid service that we can assist you with.

Understanding Your Options When Applying for a Registered Trade Mark

Often, clients apply to register more than one trade mark simultaneously. For example, if your trade mark was a logo that included both an image and a name, you would ideally register both the business name and the logo as a whole, which would be regarded as two separate trade marks and applications. We can conduct separate free trade mark searches for both your logo and your business name. However, it may well be that you only a require a single application to be filed for a brand name or logo.

Determining the Scope of Trade Mark Protection Required

Trade marks are divided into 45 different classes of gods and services. When ordering your free trade mark search from us, you will need to specify the type of goods and/or services that you, potentially, want your mark registered for. This is a crucial step in ensuring that your mark is protected in the way it should to ensure maximum strength and enforceability.

A free trade mark search is an essential tool for any business owner in Australia, who is looking to protect their brand in the marketplace. The team at Pod legal is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex process of trade mark registration. Our team of experienced professionals is here to assist you every step of the way.

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